ED 108 Assessment: A Focus on Standards-Based Assessment


This course is designed to introduce teachers to standards-based assessment in the classroom. Teachers will learn to design rubrics that align with objectives. The course is targeted for educators in the 3-12 grade levels, including special education, administration, and instructional coaches. University credit is available from another class.

Lesson 1 Educational Objectives using Bloom's Taxonomy

Review Bloom's Taxonomy and the continuum of lower to higher level thinking skills. Consider the importance of rigor and relevance when building objectives. 

Lesson 2 Rubric Design

Evaluate why rubrics are an important element in the classroom. Practice building rubrics after looking at samples. Consider what different peformance levels look like.

Lesson 3 Fundamentals of Standard Based Assessment

Examine the essential differences between traditional and standards based grading. Assess your own beliefs about the differences and how they relate to your philosophy of education.

Lesson 4 Homework Philosophy and Grading It

Determine the role of homework in your classroom. Analyze grading practices and your beliefs about homework.

Requirements for Completion

Choose Option One or Option Two:

Option One

  • Access all content and then write one journal entry per module (4 total) sharing how you will use the information in your classroom or teaching. Journal entries should be at least 150 words.

Option Two

  • Access all content and then take an end of module assessment.

  • Earn a 70% to pass and take as many attempts as you need.

No Required Textbook