ED 105 Curriculum & Instruction: Understanding by Design

CEUS ยท 3 CEUs or 45 Clock Hours

Clock Hours

This course is scheduled for 45 hours. Work at your own pace and schedule. You can stop in the middle of a lesson and pick up from where you left off at another time.


This course provides a general foundation of knowledge, skills, and principles of curriculum and assessment. Through this course, participants will focus on the major influences on curriculum-and the concomitant development of valid and reliable assessments that will allow educators to make formative and summative judgments regarding the curriculum. A major emphasis will be on developing assessment skills and competencies that promote the learning of children and youth.

Lesson 1: What is Understanding by Design?

Learn the fundamentals of Understanding by Design.

Lesson 2 - What are the 6 Facets of Understanding?

Consider the differences between the 6 types of Facets of Understanding.

Lesson 3 - Designing Essential Questions

Evaluate how to create Big Ideas and Essential Questions. 

Lesson 4 - Assessment and G.R.A.S.P.S

Examine the types of Assessments to create in STAGE 2 of UBD.

Requirements for Completion

  • Complete discussions, journals, and summaries to show how you will use the learning in your own practices or classroom.

No Required Textbook