ED 102 STEM, STEAM, & the Maker Movement (1 CEU)


ED 102 STEM, STEAM, & the Maker Movement (1 CEU)


This course is scheduled for 15 hours. Work at your own pace and schedule. You can stop in the middle of a lesson and pick up from where you left off at another time.


This course is designed to explore different strategies and instructional approaches to bring STEAM into the classroom. Teachers will learn to recognize the role STEAM plays in the classroom. Teachers will learn ways for students to get exposure to hands-on learning that challenges them to think critically and creatively, and lets them apply important content knowledge in meaningful ways.

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Lesson 1: What is S.T.E.M.?

Learn the fundamentals of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Analyze how technology is integrated into a variety of content areas to enhance learning.  

Lesson 2 - S.T.E.M versus S.T.E.A.M

Consider the differences between STEM and STEAM. Discover the role that the arts play in connecting the other disciplines.

Lesson 3 - The Maker Movement & Project Based Learning

Evaluate how the Maker Movement is being used in and outside of schools. Consider how creativity and and design are driving learning. Review sample lesson plans.

Lesson 4 - S.T.E.M Careers

Examine the Top 10 STEM jobs. Consider how schools are leading the charge with STEM clubs.

Requirements for Completion

  • Access all content and then write one journal entry per module (4 total) sharing how you will use the information in your classroom or teaching. Journal entries should be at least 150 words.

  • Participate in online discussion boards.


No Required Textbook