ED 103 Understanding Grit & Growth Mindset (1 CEU)


ED 103 Understanding Grit & Growth Mindset (1 CEU)


This course is designed to explore different strategies and instructional approaches to help students succeed in the classroom. Teachers will learn to recognize the role of teaching students about a Growth Mindset and Grit. The course is targeted for educators in the K-12 grade levels, including special education, counselors, administration, sports coaches, and parents.

Lesson 1: Understanding Mindset and Grit

Explore the differences in a fixed and growth mindset. Discover your own thoughts about mindsets by filling in the workbook. Learn the essential components of Grit and how to encourage mistakes and risk taking in learning.

Lesson 2 - Helping Students Succeed

Foster a love for learning and self-improvement and create desire to be challenged. Teach children to learn from mistakes and failures. Build emotional resilience and explore how to control the outcomes in your life with effort and practice.

Lesson 3 - Developing Success

Explore how mindsets are communicated. Review how praise influences mindset. Analyze the stratgies your students employ which results in a growth or fixed mindset.

Lesson 4 - Believing in Mindset

Consider how to implement the concepts into your own classroom. Evaluate how to model making mistakes and accepting criticism.

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To earn credit:

Participate by watching all lessons.

Complete a workbook helping you reflect on your mindset.

Complete 4 summaries or journal entries on the lessons.

Optional discussion boards are available as well.