This course is scheduled for 45 hours. Work at your own pace and schedule. You can stop in the middle of a lesson and pick up from where you left off at another time.

This course is designed to provide educators with an opportunity to engage in an independent Book Study of Dave Burgess’s- Teach Like a Pirate. In the book, Burgess offers inspiration, practical techniques, and innovative ideas that will help educators to increase student engagement, boost creativity, and transform life as an educator. Book topics include:

  1. Increase career satisfaction
  2. Create engaging lessons
  3. Establish rapport and a sense of camaraderie in the classroom

To earn course credit, read the book and engage in one of three assignment choices to share your learning. Book studies allow you to read engaging researched-based books and consider how to incorporate the concepts into your own practice. A great approach to the course is to form a PLC with your peers so that you can collaborate as a group.  Discussion options are also part of the classroom so that you can discuss your learning with teachers from all over the world.

Teacher teaching

Requirements for Completion

Choose one


Read then write one journal entry per module (4 total) sharing how you will use the information in your classroom or teaching. Journal entries should be at least 150 words. 


Develop a poster, presentation, or paper that describes the fundamentals of the topic.


Student created activity- you choose an activity that you will benefit from the most. Send an email proposal to the instructor for approval first.


Discussions and participation. 


Write 4 chapter summaries

Book is Required. This course does require that you use a book. Please purchase or borrow a copy of Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. ISBN # 9780988217607 is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, nor sponsored by Dave Burgess Consulting or Publishing.

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