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Curriculum & Instruction: Understanding by Design
”Hi, Dr. Schieffer! I just wanted to say thank you for a great class! I learned a lot in this class and feel very confident moving into a new school year. I ordered red, yellow, and green index cards for formative assessment and am very excited to continue looking at curriculum using backward design! I also wanted to tell you that I appreciated how involved you were in the class, from comments on our discussion posts to additional announcements throughout the course. I felt like you were really interested, and you had a strong presence in our virtual classroom. Thanks again for a great class!”
— Kali Wagner- high school English teacher, Minnesota
Kali- testomonial.png
Understanding By Design
This class was TERRIFIC! The topic was relevant and meaningful to my job, and the information I learned will help me hone my own learning planning every day. Thanks, Lori! - Julie Rachford-Sullivan, Ohio.

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All CEUS are approved for teacher license rewnewal through Woming, Montana, Colorado, and Illinois.

Hi! I am Dr. Lori Schieffer the founder of CEUS for Teachers.

Hi! I am Dr. Lori Schieffer the founder of CEUS for Teachers.

Welcome to CEUS for Teachers

I am excited to help you reach your goals of becoming a more effective educator while earning your CEUS. I am a professional development provider, curriculum developer, teacher, principal,  and online professor.

I have over 22 years of K-12 education experience. I have been a principal at all levels K-12. I have a K-8 teaching, K-12 principal, and K-12 superintendent licenses.

My degrees include:

  • BA in liberal studies with a concentration in childhood development from California State University, Stanislaus
  • MEd. in elementary education from Utah State University
  • MEd. in educational leadership and administration from Idaho State University
  • A doctorate in educational leadership with a concentration in curriculum and instruction from University of Montana

I have taught in elementary and middle school. In addition, I am the Lead Faculty/Area Chair for an online College of Education.

I have worked in the trenches for many years and have perfected these courses to help you feel more confident and effective with teaching and learning.

I look forward to seeing you in a course soon.

Lori Schieffer, Ed.D.

A Focus on Standards Based Assessment- 3 Univerity Credits
”I am not going to lie. I was not excited to start this course...HOWEVER, once I got going I really enjoyed it! The reading was interesting but I liked the ability to choose what presentation method I might use to create my lesson assignments. I generally did the essay format but it was refreshing and a good reminder that we can accomplish the same outcome by giving our students options for input. Dr. Lori is very interactive in her online class and always available to give input or answer questions. I look forward to taking more classes on line from this site.”
— Joanna Krogstad- Montana Middle School Teacher
“I enjoyed attending your presentation about using Google. I left the session to explore the classroom component some more. Our PBIS is in re-establishing phase. Thank you for sharing some of your expectations (restroom, cafeteria, hallway, etc...) with me so I can share with the PBIS team. I greatly appreciated your time and your expertise. Thank you for the great examples of how to go paperless with Google!”
— Principal from Illinois
EDCT 5612 - A Focus on Standards Based Assessment
”The course was filled with relevant and applicable material that I was able to implement the next day into my classroom. Many of the assignments made me reflect on my current teaching practices and make minor revisions to improve my classroom. Lori gave me prompt and detailed feedback and individualized the course when applicable. I would definitely take another class with Lori.”
— Theresa Clark- 7th Grade Science Teacher
Substitute Teacher 101
”I have enjoyed this class very much. It has given me some great ideas about classroom management. I am excited to use some of the strategies that I have learned. It’s a great class for someone just starting out as a substitute teacher. I look forward to your new class Substitute Teaching 102. Thank you for all of your websites that I can use. Thanks again!”
— Tamara Schiermeister- Wyoming
Substitute Teacher 101
”This course is very informative and is extremely helpful. It covers topics and discussions that a potential Substitute might not even consider. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”
— Rhonda Duke- Substitute Teacher Florida

More Reviews from Workshop Participants

Understanding by Design- Lisa Klinker- Wyoming

I found the information in this course very helpful when it comes to creating worthy, meaningful, and structured (backward) lesson plans! Personally, I feel that starting with your endpoint and then planning how to get there is an easier, more structured way of creating meaningful lessons than traditional models. 


Teach Like a Pirate Book Study- Lisa Klinker- Wyoming

I loved this book! After 10 years of staying home with my children, I am headed back into the schools. This book has made me excited to try his enthusiastic approach to teaching! He makes everything sound fun and exciting! His hooks are an incredible resource, each one was a revelation to me!

Teach Like a Pirate Book Study- Janice Custer- Wyoming

I found this book so inspiring. So much insight to meet the needs of the students by inspiring us not to lose sight of what our professional passion is all about. Light yourself on fire with passion.


Growth Mindset- Kelly Payne

I really enjoyed this course and it helped open my eyes to the different mindsets that we have. Thank you for providing this course. I did have a little trouble, because when it said to click "here" to leave my review, it directed me to a page that said that the page no longer existed. Fortunately, I was able to find this link in my dashboard on the side view. I also left a review on from my google document. My way of thinking is there is always more than one way to accomplish something. :) ...


Book Study: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success - Ginger Ward- Wyoming

I appreciate what the author says. The information provides solid ideas of showing how to gain a growth mindset and gives plenty of examples on what a growth mindset looks like, acts like, does. Dr. Lori Schieffer worked with me and willingly answered questions. I recommend this to anyone hoping to change a life for the positive: parents, coaches, teachers, boss, etc. Enjoy the study!

Book Study: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success -Janice Custer- Wyoming

I enjoyed this course very much. I would recommend this to all staff who work with children. I found Lori to be very helpful throughout the course. Janice Custer

Book Study: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success - Nohemi Grubb

This is a great workshop, an eye opening for those that work with kids of all ages. Very inspiring. It is a book that I will be going back to for sure.


Begin your Career as a K-12 Substitute Teacher- Janel Korhonen-Goff- Wyoming

I enjoyed taking the Substitute Teacher 101 class. A very good class for someone who is just starting out as a substitute. I was reminded of why I chose this career, the ups and downs, and other things that I need to use and remember more often.

Begin your Career as a K-12 Substitute Teacher- Julianna Harris

This course was very helpful. I just got hired to become a substitute and this was exactly what I needed to feel more confident. This will help you from the very start up to in the classroom. It helps you with classroom management, building positive relationships with the students, and so much more. This gave me more information then I was able to find by just searching the internet. Thank you for making this available for us!

Begin your Career as a K-12 Substitute Teacher- Bernie Stanley- Cheyenne, Wyoming

The power points and lectures described situations from a classroom that a substitute teacher might expect to see on a daily basis. This was done in a way that was understandable with realistic examples and doable remedies and methods. I plan on taking a copy of the workbook with me to classes if I am hired as a substitute teacher. Thank you Lori for an accessible and informative workshop.

Begin your Career as a K-12 Substitute Teacher- Charles Krebs- Wyoming

Having substituted for 5 years, this course was a good refresher. For beginning substitutes, this course would be great. You get a lot of the basics from contacts in your state, ethics, standard procedures, tips on dos and don'ts, managing behavior, being aware of child abuse and neglect, bullying and what to expect that Very First Day.

Begin your Career as a K-12 Substitute Teacher - Judy Wiles

I really enjoyed this class and I feel like the things I learned will help me to be a more effective substitute teacher. My favorite parts of the class were lesson #4, Tips, Tools and Strategies and #5, Behavior Management. I liked the attention signals and I'm going to try to implement them when I sub this week in the elementary school. I also enjoyed the time fillers and I will take my little sticky notes to remind me in case there is a need to use one of them. I believe that using these attention signals and time fillers will help with classroom management and decrease the behavioral issues.  In the Behavior Management lesson I watched quite a few videos.  This is the area that I feel the weakest in and it was good to see concrete ways to deal with behavior issues and hear realistic consequences that fit the behavior.  I've already used some of the ideas in my substitute teaching.  One example of this is identify the behavior and give two choices.  I felt like this really helped me when I had a student who didn't want to participate and let me pay attention to the rest of the class.  I feel my confident that I can do a better job and become a substitute that teachers want to have in their classroom.  Thank you, Lori, for a great class!


Begin your Career as a K-12 Substitute Teacher- Bernie Stanley- Wyoming

Lori, I enjoyed the class immensely. It opened my eyes to the world of design that has been all around me but I had never really seen. I look forward to taking more classes with expectations I have not previously had. Bernie- Cheyenne, WY


A Focus on Standards-Based Assessment- Bernie Stanley- Wyoming

I really enjoyed the structure of the course. I understood the information, nothing was very confusing and Lori got back to me promptly when I had a question. I really enjoyed the readings and the power point presentations specifically, very well set up. Thanks.

A Focus on Standards-Based Assessment- Christianna Taillifer- Belgrade, Montana

I really enjoyed the structure of the course. I understood the information, nothing was very confusing and Lori got back to me promptly when I had a question. I really enjoyed the readings and the power point presentations specifically, very well set up. Thanks.