SUB 100 Keys to Professionalism for Substitute Teachers (0.5 CEU)

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SUB 100 Keys to Professionalism for Substitute Teachers (0.5 CEU)



This course is designed to introduce substitute teacher candidates and teachers to:

·         An overview of the substitute teaching profession

·         Professionalism and the dispositions of a good substitute teacher

·         Misconceptions about substitutes

 Each lesson in this course includes the following:

 ·         Instructor video and a 15-page journal full of reflections, summaries, and activities

·         Examples and specific details to increase confidence as a professional

·         Bonus materials that will help you understand ethics and code of conduct

The course is targeted for substitute teachers and educators in the K-12 grade levels, including special education, and paraprofessionals.


·         No Required Textbook

Required Reading- Internet links to articles provided.  


In order to receive a passing grade, the participant must watch all video lessons and complete the exercises in the workbook.  

  1. Watch instructor video.

  2. Class Participation: Each student is expected to read the materials and participate in the journal/workbook activities related to course objectives.

  3. Activities in the journal/workbook will ensure participant engagement and learning in the course. The journal will require students to make a connection from the course theory and materials to teaching and learning practices.

Grade Distribution:

All assignments need to be completed to earn a Pass/Certificate.

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